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Learn About Us

Using local & sustainable food is everything

Learn About Us

Using local & sustainable food is everything

Lunch (Available Monday - Friday 10:30am - 2:30pm)

  • Grilled Allez Country Bread


    with sherry brown butter, maldon

  • Smoked Potatoes


    with cultured dill butter, pickled allium aioli, marinated kohlrabi

  • Chilled Local Cucumber Soup


    watermelon rind salsa, house buttermilk, seeds

  • Fried Egg Sandwich


    fluffy english muffin, runny egg, provolone, bacon, greens

  • Toasted Sorghum Grain Salad


    McGlasson's peach vinaigrette, red island sea peas, crispy grains, cucumber, summer vegetables, raisins and currants

  • Wedge Salad


    yogurt-chive dressing, farmer Steve's tomatoes, french bleu cheese, garlic breadcrumbs

  • Caesar Salad


    with Roothouse Aquaponics romaine, crouton, anchovy, parmigiano 

  • Ohio Tomato and Corn Salad


    caramelized whey vinaigrette, pickled corn, fresh cheese, tomato butter, pepitas

  • Rich Life Farms Mushroom Chorizo Sandwich


    with housemade lion's mane chorizo, caramelized onion duxelle, chow chow, ciabatta

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich


    tarragon, mustard, pistachio, grapes, Allez country bread

  • Fischer Farms Pork Loin Sandwich


    mustard and paprika marinade, pickled vegetable mayo, greens, za’atar pickles

  • Sakura Farms Steak Sandwich


    apricot-miso marinade, ratatouille, arugula, pickled eggplant, crispy shallot

  • Fausto's Roasted Gerber Farms Chicken

    $14 / $23

    hearty greens, sherry vinaigrette


44 East 6th St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 345-2979

Monday - Friday
10:30am - 2:30pm

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